Well hello, mover, shaker, image-maker!

You, sassy, sweary, gif-loving boss

human, you!

I know you. You’re just SO over fumbling through trying to create your own brand, website, signature course, ebooks, opt-in pdfs, social AND blog graphics (did you feel the impending doom of the hustle-frazzle just reading all that?? Yes hustle-frazzle is totally a word and you know exactly what it means!)

Your work is so full of your amazing smarts and talent, it just needs some sock-rocking, gorgeous, polished, and professional design to really make it pop. 

that kicks ass, gets noticed and sells.

let me help you stand out

I’m Kristen, and I’m your new secret weapon. I’m a designer, but more than that, my super power is seeing outside the box of what’s “trendy” and going my own way. I help super amazing humans change the world with their work one ebook, online course or website at a time. Ready to run the world?


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“Kristen is so easy to work with, super talented and creative, and totally “gets it”.
Working with her is like a breath of fresh air.”

Jamie Jensen – Your Hot Copy

Kristen is my secret weapon. (I almost didn't want to tell you about her and keep her all to myself.) She's talented, easy to work with, and quick turnaround.
She's my favorite person to work with!

Halley Gray - Evolve + Succeed

Meticulous. I couldn't find one typo or mistake. You treated my project like your own darling baby.  I couldn't have been happier.

Anna Kunnecke - Declare Dominion

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