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You’re an expert, right? You know your shit. Yeah, I can tell.

You’ve been pounding the keyboard, crafting your message. And it’s good. Like, REALLY good.

That course you’ve developed – it’s amazeballs. People are going to eat it up and then beg for seconds. It’s that good.

BUT… there’s just one teeny-tiny-incy-wincy problem –

your million dollar message is drowning in homebrand design.

It’s BLAH when it should be BLING.

It’s FUGLY when it should be FETCH.

It’s not you, when it should be so abso-fucking-lutely YOU.

It should be so you, you forget where it ends and you begin.

It should be so you, your mother invites it for dinner and spends the evening questioning its life choices.

It should be so you that you’re proud… no, not just proud… fucking HONOURED to send it out into the world.

your signature course design

done for you

Save hours (days! weeks!) out of your launch schedule by not having to worry about the design and instead spend your time on connecting, wooing, list building and, most importantly – SELLING.

Imagine for a second…

Can you do that? Sure you can, you’re brilliant and creative. And you’ve kinda been thinking about this day for forever. So imagine it’s finally here – launch day.

You’ve purged, crafted and refined your ideas into this one incredibly perfect bucket of G-O-L-D.

The moment comes when you hit ‘Go’ and this course, this piece of YOU – your image, your style, your words, your passion, and your soul – is now sitting in front of her.

She’s the one you really want. The one you’ve been wanting for the longest time. The one who is perfect for you.

And all you feel is overwhelming, all-consuming, break-me-off-a-piece-of-that excitement.

No fear.
No anxiety.
No second-guessing.
No regret.

Because you know, you just KNOW, you nailed this.

It’s a good feeling, huh? Makes your tummy flutter, doesn’t it? If it makes other parts of you all tingly as well, I get it #nojudgement.

This is exactly what I want for you. This is what I want to do for you. Because the world needs you. She needs you. You need YOU.

“Meticulous. I couldn’t find one typo or mistake in the entire e-book. All the links were perfect, every “t” was crossed and “i” dotted. You treated my project like your own darling baby. I couldn’t have been happier!”

Anna Kunnecke – Declare Dominion

you need this

here’s why

Get more time to spend on what you do best and your own client work

Be the envy of the infopreneur world with your gorgeous pdfs and graphics

Promote and run your course with confidence

A well designed course = students who are more excited take and finish your course (which makes your job way easier)

Look like you know what you’re talking about – because you do!

More profit for less work – invest in great design once and then launch and relaunch your course again and again (and again and again and again – you get the idea!)

$2500 USD

Want your course ready for prime first quarter launch dates?
Limited spots available – book your course design package NOW.

How does it work?

Glad you asked!


You +
Hire Me

Let’s get started! Click the handy dandy hire me form, we have a chat on skype (or over email if you’re an introvert like me!) you pay the deposit, we sort out a start date and away we go!


You +

I’ll send you a bunch questions that seem completely random but make sense to me (trust me, I’ll weave it all together in the end!). I stalk you hard online and swipe right.


Me +
Do the work

Once I feel I know you inside and out, then we start working. We make sure that everything is right, you get 3 rounds of revisions, if you want it more perfect than that we can keep going until it’s just right.


You +
Sell the crap out of it

You sell the crap out of your course and change the world (with photos or coaching or zen healing), making the biggest splash possible because you now have the tools to do it.

your signature course design

what you get


+ course logo
+ colour scheme
+ fonts

social media graphics

shareable graphic templates for:
+ instagram
+ pinterest
+ facebook
+ twitter

sales page graphics

+ header / hero image
+ dividers
+ sales page mockup

full course pdf

+ up to 100 page pdf
+ cover page
+ table of contents
+ up to 10 fillable worksheets

everything. you. need.

$2500 USD

FYI this girl is busy – only 2 spots available for February.

So let’s talk about you for a sec.

This is kinda like dating after all and I want to make sure you and I are going to click.

Since by design or some wonderful accident you landed here in my little rad corner of the webs, I’m guessing you need some kick-ass design (well, duh, right?! Hey, come on now, I’m just getting warmed up!)

Ok, so…

  1. You’ve been doing your own thing for a while now and you know what you want.
  2. You’ve tried the other design options – DIY. Cheap and fast. Cheap and not-so-fast. Your friend. Your other friend. Their friend. The woman you met in that FB group.
  3. You keep landing in the same spot – a swamp of bitter disappointment (this wasn’t on the map!)
  4. You’re so done.
  5. You’re done looking like every other creative female entrepreneur.
  6. You’re done feeling like you can’t charge what you know you’re worth because your image doesn’t live up to your vision.
  7. You’re done trying to convince others to love your course when you don’t love it yourself.
  8. You’re desperate to achieve the kind of results you know, you just KNOW, you’re capable of.
  9. You realise that it’s time to step-up and back yourself.
  10. You’re here, ready to do just that.

How’d I do? I nailed you, didn’t I? This first date is going so well. I feel like we’re just finishing off our first coffee and contemplating a second. Or maybe a chai this time. Either way, it’s safe to say I like you, like a lot.


So it’s only fair you have a chance to get to know me too.


I’m Kristen, and I’m your new secret weapon.  I’m known for being super fucking efficient and meticulous. Seriously, I’m a gun.

My design style is organic and cohesive (NOT corporate or formal or boring) and I help super amazing women change the world with their work. I’m also a ridiculously qualified (some might say over-qualified, I’m lookin at you, multiple university degrees) designer with 16 years experience. Basically, I know my shit.


So how ‘bout it? Wanna turn the lights down, the music up and make some magic together?

I’ll bring the bubbles.

Check out some of my


awesome women changing the world

“Kristen is so easy to work with, super talented and creative, and totally gets it. Working with her is like a breath of fresh air.”

Jamie Jensen – Founder & CCO, Your Hot Copy

“I’m really happy with how the design came out, it’s even better than I imagined!”

Jodi Biddle – Demolition Girl

“Kristen is so easy to work with, super talented and creative, and totally gets it. Working with her is like a breath of fresh air.”

Jamie Jensen – Founder & CCO, Your Hot Copy

“I’m really happy with how the design came out, it’s even better than I imagined!”

Jodi Biddle – Demolition Girl

got questions?


How do I pay you?

So glad you asked!

50% of the total fee is payable upfront before we get started – easy peasy!

Payments are via direct deposit or paypal.

Australian residents will have GST added to the total.

Can you write the ebook for me?

Eek, no! I’m a designer, I make the words look pretty, I don’t write the words. BUT I can recommend you some awesome copywriters if you need help getting your ebook together.

What if I'd like some work done that you haven't listed above?

That’s cool, just get in touch and say what you’re looking for, I can do a custom quote!

Will I get my working files?

Sure will! I will send you a zip file of all the things.

Matching collateral items like blog title and social media graphics will be provided in Photoshop .psd format as well so you can edit them and add your own text as needed.

What is the timeline?

Average timeframe for course design is 2 weeks.

The timelines are based on when the work starts and depend on you getting your homework, pinterest brand inspiration board, feedback and whatever else is needed back to me in a timely manner. Delays in these mean the timelines will get stretched out. We’ll work together to prevent this of course and all deadlines and milestones will be laid out at the beginning of the project – simples!

Best way to stick to the timelines? Have EVERYTHING we’ll need ready to go up front, that makes life super easy for everyone!

Get a load of


some examples of my work

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You must be super keen, jelly bean!

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