The 3 places you MUST have content upgrades

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You know all about content upgrades (read previous post here if not), you’ve got to put them out there so the people can get them (and you can get their emails!). Sticking them haphazardly around your site isn’t smart, you need to have them in a few super specific spots as well as including a mockup (little jpg preview of your content upgrade) so people can see what they’re getting – like mine!


Where to put your content upgrade on your site
  1. Header – “above the fold” is still very much a thing, and you should keep it in mind when you’re sticking your content upgrade on your page. Keep it at the top of your home page so people can see it as soon as they land on your site, without scrolling – this is what “above the fold” means.
  2. Bottom of blog posts – add in your content upgrade at the bottom of each of your blog posts. People come to your site from all different avenues and they won’t always come via your home page. If they land directly on one of your blogs through a Google search, you want to have all your goodies on display to show them.
  3. Pop-ups – yeah they’re annoying, but they work! And there are lots of apps/plugins out there these days which make them easy for you and sliiiiiightly less annoying than you think. Check out PopupAlly or SumoMe.

That’s it! Stick your content upgrade in the above places and you’ll be on your way to converting your website visitors into clients.


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