The essentials to giving away your best work so you can get new clients

So now you know what a content upgrade IS (see previous blog post if you need a refresher), now what? Welp, it’s not just enough to throw together a DIY home job in Word, soz. If your content upgrade (and supporting graphics to show it off) look dodgy, no one is going to want to sign up to get it, and sign ups are the whole point, right? Right.

What’s a powerful list-builder look like?

It depends on your traffic but what you need to put out there is different ‘bait’ for potential customers and see which one is best.

Ideally, I’d like your opt-in to be generating 100+ new subscribers each week.

What do you need to turn your content upgrade into a powerful list-builder?
  1. Needs to look awesome – because it reflects the quality of your services/products and YOU
  2. Needs a cover page – this is the bit you can use to make graphics to market it, as well as having your content upgrade tie into your brand, so it’s unmistakably YOU
  3. Needs a landing page – somewhere to send people to directly from your social medias
  4. Needs short content – these puppies should only be 1-2 pages long (because it’s a taste not the full meal)
  5. Needs a next step – you’ve got ‘em hooked, now you need to reel them in. Make sure you include the best way to work with you if they liked their free taste
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Get it? Got it? Good!


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