Time for a nip n tuck?


You’ve got an awesome looking website.. 5 years ago.

It looks ooookay in a browser but on mobile? Yich. That’s if it even works on mobile AT ALL.

Your online presence should be your confident introduction to the world, but yours is awkwardly scuffing its feet and avoiding eye contact.

You’re losing visitors rather than converting them into paying clients.

Updating a line of text or swapping out an image feels like pulling teeth.

You’ve tried designing it yourself.. and it looks like it.

You’re embarrassed to send people to your website because it just looks so unprofessional.

You’re so damn sick of the DIY merry-go-round, you just want someone to do it for you already.

You hired a cheap designer off fiverr or some other freelance design bidding site and got some embarrassingly awful results.

You’re feeling like you can’t charge what you know you’re worth because your site looks too DIY.

You want your website to lead to amazing clients who know you’ve got the goods.

You’re worried you look like everyone else online.

You’re constantly putting off creating your new products, downloads, courses and ebooks because you don’t know how to make them match your brand and look professional.

Get a brand spanking new website that is super easy to update yourself, works on mobile AND desktop, stands out amongst the sea of sameness, and that you’re PROUD to show off.

look smart, savvy, on brand


I want to look awesome online!

 I FUCKING LOVE IT. Like seriously, I couldn't be more thrilled. The fact that so many people I know have told me that "It's SO YOU!" just solidifies how amazing you are - you literally took my personality and turned it into a website. I go to my website every day just to admire the masterpiece that you've created.

Alicia Bruce

Life after you get your online visual presence whipped into shape...

You’ve finally got a website that feels like YOU, and you can’t wait to show it off and show EVERYONE.

You proudly link to your new site on all your socials, and your clients can tell you mean business because it looks so damn good.

You’re no longer embarrassed to send potential clients to your site.

You feel excited to write blog posts again.

Your social media brings in new followers who love the new you.

You know you’ve nailed it, and suddenly you’re so much more inspired to share your shiz, and get your business moving.

It’s up to date and fresh, because you can easily update it any time you need.

No more cringing when you link to your site.
No endless “it’s under construction” apologies.

Your website is your new best friend, talking you up, showing you off, and being the best damn wingman you’ve ever had.

Get more time to spend on what you do best.

Be the envy of your market because you STAND OUT.

Promote yourself with confidence.

Look like you know what you’re talking about – because you do!

a new brand & website

A custom logo + branding that just screams YOU

Brand graphics that WORK together

A look and feel unlike everyone else

An easy-to-update website full of personality







You need this

Here's why





hell yes! I want this

what you get

FYI this girl is busy – only 3 spots available for the rest of 2018!

A website you LOVE that sells your awesomeness

Works on mobile AND desktop (cos we all know most people are on their phones!)

A fully custom 6 page website built on Showit5

Wordpress blog integration





so let’s talk about you

This is kinda like dating after all and I want to make sure you and I are going to click.

Since by design or some wonderful accident you landed here in my little rad corner of the internet, I’m guessing you need some kick-ass design (well, duh, right?! Hey, come on now, I’m just getting warmed up!)

Ok, so…

You’ve been doing your own thing for a while now and you know what you want.

You’ve tried the other design options – DIY. Cheap and fast. Cheap and not-so-fast. Your friend. Your other friend. Their friend. The woman you met in that FB group.

You keep landing in the same spot – a swamp of bitter disappointment (this wasn’t on the map!)

You’re so done.

You’re done looking like every other creative entrepreneur.

You’re done feeling like you can’t charge what you know you’re worth because your image doesn’t live up to your vision.

You’re done trying to convince others to love what you’ve got when you don’t love it yourself.

You’re desperate to achieve the kind of results you know, you just KNOW, you’re capable of.

You realise that it’s time to step-up and back yourself.

You’re here, ready to do just that.

How’d I do? I nailed you, didn’t I? This first date is going so well. I feel like we’re just finishing off our first drink and contemplating a second. It’s safe to say I like you, like a lot.

so it’s only fair you have a chance to get to know me too...

I’m Kristen, and I’m your new secret weapon. I’m known for being super fucking efficient and meticulous. Seriously, I’m a gun.

My design style is organic and cohesive (NOT corporate or formal or boring) and I help super amazing humans change the world with their work. I’m also a ridiculously qualified (some might say over-qualified, I’m lookin at you, multiple university degrees) designer with 16 years experience. Basically, I know my shit.

So how ‘bout it? Wanna turn the lights down, the music up and make some magic together?

I’ll bring the bubbles.


Lovely to work with, speedy with replies, quickly delivered the website. It was so much better than we hoped for and we will be definitely using you again!

Alyda & Todd McGaw

how it works

here's the dealio


 +hire me


Let’s get started! Click the handy dandy button below, we have a chat on skype (or over email if you’re an introvert like me!) you pay the deposit, we sort out a start date and away we go!




I’ll send you a bunch questions that seem completely random but make sense to me (trust me, I’ll weave it all together in the end!) I stalk you hard online and swipe right.


 +do the work


Once I feel I know you inside and out, then we start working. We make sure that everything is right, you get 2 rounds of revisions, if you want it more perfect than that we can keep going until it’s just right.


        +promote the crap out of it


You promote the crap out of your new website and change the world with your awesome skills, making the biggest splash possible because you now have the tools to do it.

aw yiss sign me up!

Got Questions?


How do I pay you?

So glad you asked! 50% of the total fee is payable upfront before we get started – easy peasy! Payments are via direct deposit or paypal. Australian residents will have GST added to the total.

Can you write my website copy for me?

Eek, no! I’m a designer, I make the words look pretty, I don’t write the words. BUT I can recommend you some awesome copywriters if you need help getting your words together.

What if I'd like some work done that you haven't listed above?

That’s cool, just get in touch and say what you’re looking for, I can do a custom quote!

Will you help me install/setup/whatever technical thing needs doing?

Sure will! I’ll either get your website set up from scratch for you, or sort it out using your existing hosting/website (don’t worry, your site won’t go down while we’re working on it, it’ll be a seamless transition)

What is the timeline?

Average timeframe for custom website design is 6-8 weeks.

What is Showit?

Showit is an amazing drag and drop design platform that lets you be SUPER creative and basically create anything you can dream of - WITHOUT using code. Magic! Plus they offer great support and resource guides.

Don't want to use Showit? No problem! Get in touch for a quote for a custom build on the platform of your choice.

“It’s so perfect – a beautiful website that feels authentic.Your processes are professional, well thought-out and allow for each client to come out with a unique product. ”

Kym Hibbard

My name is _______________________________. I found out about you from _____________________________ and I think that we would be a good fit because ________________________________________. You can reach me back at  _______________________________ and check out my current website (and/or socials!) at ____________________________________________________________.
Here's what I want to say:

Ready to look awesome online?

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